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Me and baking

June 6, 2012

Believe it or not but for the past 18 months I have been following a diet and have successfully lost 3 stone.  My diet buddy asked me today how I have done it, bearing in mind I love baking and I explained that I bake for other people to enjoy.  I always eat one piece of everything I bake then my family and friends eat the rest.

I love baking cakes and puddings.  I get an amazing sense of satisfaction when I follow a recipe and the end result looks just like the picture in the recipe book.  I enjoy baking savoury treats like pies and bread but my real passion is for cakes and puddings.

My favourite tv show last year was  ‘The Great British Bake Off’  and since then I have a new-found joy of baking.  My family thought I should enter this year but I wasn’t convinced.  I know I need to practise a lot more before I am anywhere near the standard of the fantastic bakers from last series.

I am definitely going to enjoy baking and writing this blog has given a new incentive to try different recipes.

Thank you to you all for following this blog.

Please recommend it to your friends.

Happy baking 🙂


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