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Mini pavlovas

April 22, 2012

Mini pavlovas

The final bake of the weekend was quickly whipped up as I realised we had no pudding for after our tea. So while the chicken was roasting I popped some mini pavlovas in the oven.

Pavlovas topped with fresh cream and raspberries are a traditional Green family favourite. My mum’s pavlovas are frequently requested by visitors and my grandad was always disappointed if mum hadn’t made one to follow a family celebration meal. They are definitely not to be mistaken for meringue nests. These little meringues have cornflour and white wine vinegar added to make the marshmallow in the centre of the crispy shell.

Tonight I served them up with with strawberries and frozen yogurt. They were just the light end to the meal that was needed.

I will post the recipe tomorrow.


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One Comment
  1. Mr Phelps permalink

    …and very nice they were. As official taster, I was honoured when these glorious beasts passed over my tastebuds.
    Roll on more blog entries.

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